At Gilham Insurance Services, LLC we provide the personal attention you need in finding the best selections for your insurance needs. Licensed in several states from Connecticut to California and major insurance companies, we work with you to offer the customized solution options specific for you. This includes group health, life insurance, individual and family insurance coverages to suit your needs. In addition to reviewing your main insurance coverages, we also provide additional coverages including group and individual accident, vision, and dental policies as well as others to consider.

Gilham Insurances Services, LLC has combined insurance experience of almost 4 decades. Co-Founder and current Principal, Mary Gilham, has an understanding of insurance coverage lasting 3 decades long. This experience started when she had the oversight of insurance coverage for a bank including its headquarters, operations, and all branches. Her experience also includes group coverage options for businesses as well as personalized reviews and options for individuals and families.

We have Group Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Dental Plans, Vision Plans, Accident Plans, Cancer Plans, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Life Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans. 

*Additional Options Upon Request